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Our trip to Graigue / Dunquin
on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
April 11-20, 2008

The spectacular view from our cottage:

This page has details on the FOOD

The original page for this trip was too long (over 200 photos!)
so I have broken out some parts that might not be interesting to everyone.

This page concentrates on the food.
Page 0: Preparing for the trip.
Page 1: Graigue Cottage.
Page 2: Connor Pass / An Droichead Beag.
Page 3: Sybil Head.
Page 4: The Blasket Islands / An Droichead Beag.
Page 5: Cork.
Page 6: Inch Beach / The South Pole Inn.
Page 7: Shopping / Brandon Mt. / John Benny Moriarty’s.
Page 8: Return Home.
Original, all-on-one-page version.

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This page has details on the FOOD

Friday, April 11

On the flight on the way out, we had champagne and orange juice while we waited for the rest of the plane to board.

Dinner for me was a smoked salmon appetizer followed by cheese ravioli in a delicious wild mushroom sauce. KC had a salad followed by a chicken cutlet. We both had wine, Pinot Grigio for KC and Chardonnay for me, but I only had half a glass. Dessert was an ice cream sundae, KC’s with hot fudge, mine with mixed berries and butterscotch.

Saturday, April 12

We had lunch at Timmy Macs in the Woodland House Hotel, a wonderful little restaurant in Adare with a huge fireplace in which they were burning logs that looked like they’d taken a whole tree trunk and sliced it into rounds::

Press here for link to the Timmy Macs website (a new window will open).

Colleen ordered a chicken curry and the rest of us had bangers and mash. Rick and KC inhaled theirs but the sausages weren’t “real” bangers, flavored with nutmeg and allspice, and they were huge so I only ate one. Colleen enjoyed her curry and shared it with Rick. We skipped dessert.

Dinner that night was cheese and crackers while we browsed the many books in the cottage and figured out what we wanted to see and do. The guys shared a beer and, after ribbing KC for forgetting to buy me some cider, I brewed a pot of coffee (4 heaping T. to 9 cups of water) and spiked it with Baileys. Colleen had her Bailey’s on ice. There was a bottle of wine on the table when we arrived but we decided to save it for a more ‘formal’ meal – it looked like a good one! (Note to self: research Haut-Marbuzet’s Chateau Mac Carthy Saint-Estephe, 2005)

Sunday: Connor Pass

Sunday, April 13.

We got up around 8. Rick was already up and had brewed coffee, using 5 heaping T to 12 cups of water (we’re big coffee drinkers), but there were grounds in it and, after several other trials, we realized that putting so much coffee in the filter caused it to overflow so, if we wanted a strong brew, we had to do it in smaller batches.

KC and Rick made a delicious breakfast for us – scrambled eggs, sautéed potatoes, sausage and toast.

KC and Rick cooking breakfast:

We had dinner in Murphy’s Pub. KC, Colleen and I had fish and chips (breaded), and Rick had a chicken wrap. For dessert I had sticky toffee pudding and it was as good as I remembered it.

Murphy’s Pub:

The world’s best sticky toffee pudding:

Monday: Sybil Head and Dingle

Monday, April 14.

After KC showered we drove into Dingle. Our first stop was Dingle Crystal on Green Street where we met Sean’s wife, Liz Daly – what a sweetheart she is! We had a cappuccino in their new coffee bar (which is very nice space – bright and cheery and comfortable!) and shared a delicious bread and butter pudding (with toffee sauce and clotted cream).

The coffee bar in Dingle Crystal:

Bread and Butter pudding:

Press here for link to Dingle Crystal website (a new window will open).

Tuesday: Crystal workshop and Blasket Islands

Tuesday, April 15.

Scones (baked by Sue who lives on the island in the summer) and jam:

We decided to drive into Dingle for dinner and KC chose The Old Smokehouse, the place where last year I’d had the “best salmon ever”.

For dinner, Collen and I had the salmon, KC had cod, and Rick had a chicken breast. I don’t think KC liked his fish although he ate most of it. It looked perfectly cooked to me (and tasted delicious) but KC likes his fish dry and this was moist and juicy. My salmon was good but not as good as the one I’d had last year. Colleen liked her salmon but thought that Rick’s chicken, in some kind of cream sauce, was better. We shared a bottle of Spanish rose which was delicious.

Wednesday: Blarney Castle and Jamison Distillery

Wednesday, April 16.

Right outside the castle walls was a small restaurant, The Lemon Tree, in the Blarney Castle Hotel . Although it was now after 3:00 p.m. they advertised ‘food all day’ so we went in. KC and Rick had a burger, Colleen had chicken breast in a wine sauce, and I had a tuna melt on homemade brown soda bread. The soda bread was so good I asked if they sold it separately and was told that they do, if they have extras, but today had been a busy day and there were none. Colleen raved about her chicken.

Thursday: Inch Beach and South Pole Inn

Thursday, April 17.

Inch Beach and Annascaul:

Coffee and apple tart in Sammy’s Café:

We left Sammy’s around 3:30 and drove to The South Pole Inn in Annascaul for a late lunch. KC and Colleen ordered a burger, Rick a vegetable soup and a ham sandwich, and I a toasted cheese sandwich with onions and tomatoes on brown bread. My sandwich was delicious! KC and Colleen ate all of their burgers so I assume they were good, too, although Colleen tasted Rick’s soup and declared that the Irish really know how to cook vegetable soup.

Inside the The South Pole Inn :

Barb’s toasted cheese, onion and tomato sandwich on brown bread:

Colleen’s hamburger, medium well done:

Press here for link to Thomas Crean’s website (a new window will open).

Friday: Dingle and John Benny Moriarty

Friday, April 18.

Dingle and John Benny Moriarty:

KC offered to drive me to John Benny Moriarty’s for one last night of music (he IS the perfect husband, isn’t he?).

We ordered dinner: fish and chips for KC and I (battered cod with no skin), sirloin for Colleen, and sea bass for Rick; cider for me and Guinness for everyone else. KC and I loved our fish (I prefer battered to breaded) and Colleen enjoyed her steak but Rick was disappointed in his sea bass. It had skin on both sides, which none of us like, and when he removed it there was little flavor left in the fish. Colleen offered him some of the garlic butter that came with her steak but he declined it.

The menu at John Benny Moriarty’s :

Our fish and chips, cod dipped in batter, was delicious:

Colleen’s sirloin, part of which she saved for Phil’s dog:

Rick’s sea bass:

Saturday: Return home.

Saturday, April 19.

We stopped for lunch at the Devon Inn in Templegalantine, just past Newcastlewest. KC and I ordered the toasted sandwich (mine without ham on brown bread, his with ham on white), Rick ordered a BLT, and Colleen ordered a chicken wrap. The toasted sandwiches were very good although the one in The South Pole Inn was better, Colleen adored her chicken wrap served with pesto, brie and roasted red peppers, and we think Rick liked his BLT although he was surprised to discover that “bacon” in Ireland is more like the thick Canadian bacon we get in the US, not the thin crispy slices we’re used to.

The Devon Inn where we had lunch:

Toasted cheese, onion and tomato sandwich:

KC, fed up with my constant picture taking while he was eating:

For dinner, in the Dublin Airport Hilton dining room, KC ordered a ribeye, I ordered the baked salmon (I had hoped to get the sweet potato and spinach curry on the room service menu but it wasn’t available), Rick ordered Toulouse sausage (similar to a frankfurter, we were told) and Colleen ordered the chicken. My salmon was delicious – the Irish really know how to cook fish – and Rick enjoyed his sausages, but Colleen thought her chicken was bland – she hadn’t noticed that the description read “poached”, and KC was less than enthusiastic about his steak. He still prefers corn fed beef to grass fed.

We’d ordered a bottle of Cotes du Rhone with the meal (it was very nice) and for dessert KC and I shared a passion fruit Bavarian cream and Rick and Colleen shared a fruit tart, both of which were very good. We went back to our rooms and agreed to meet for breakfast at 7am.

Sunday, April 20.

Breakfast was a buffet so KC loaded up his plate with meat and I loaded mine with mushrooms! I also had a croissant with brie that was delicious. I dissolved an Airborne in my juice but passed on the coffee because I’d forgotten that if you want cream with your coffee you have to ask for it.

On the return flight we shared a mimosa while we were waiting for the flight to depart and then had a glass of wine with our warm nuts – Pinot Grigio for KC and Chardonnay for me. For lunch KC had chicken wrapped in bacon and I had vegetarian lasagna. Dessert was again an ice cream sundae.

Page 0: Preparing for the trip.
Page 1: Graigue Cottage.
Page 2: Connor Pass / An Droichead Beag.
Page 3: Sybil Head.
Page 4: The Blasket Islands / An Droichead Beag.
Page 5: Cork.
Page 6: Inch Beach / The South Pole Inn.
Page 7: Shopping / Brandon Mt. / John Benny Moriarty’s.
Page 8: Return Home.
Original, all-on-one-page version.

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