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2006 IFDC August 9-12 NON-IFDC photos

The people in the photos, while they interfere with the beauty of the shots, do give you an idea of how big everything is.


This is my sister, Linda, in the Italian Seafood restaurant, Bartolotta. They import their fish from Italy. Linda had charcoal grilled swordfish strips with Tuscan bread salad, and I had charcoal grilled cuttlefish and charcoal grilled Prai (purple snapper) with tomatoes, wild arugula, garlic, shaved red onion, and olive oil. The wine we had was a 2003 Palagrello, Le Serole Terre del Principe Campania, which was excellent! I can’t remember what we had for dessert, and we forgot to get a copy of the dessert menu, but it was as good as everything else we had.

These are shots of the parasol lights over the bar in the center of the hotel. I think there’s a “parasol show” but we didn’t see it.

This is the “walkway” INSIDE the hotel!

This is a WATERFALL outside the central bar! At night, the water and the trees around it are lit with changing colored lights. If you eat at Daniel Bouloud’s, you can see the waterfall from the restaurant. The food is phenomenal there, too.


This is shopping center INSIDE the hotel:

This is a STUFFED ANIMAL in FAO Schwartz! I didn’t get a shot of it, but the entrance to FAO is a HUGE Trojan horse.

That night, we had dinner at Daniel Bouloud’s in the Wynn. Linda had Steak au Poivre and I had Spicy Tuna Tartare with cured lemon, harissa, and cucumber yogurt, and Maine Lobster Salad with watermelon, hearts of palm, and curry-lime vinaigrette. For dessert, Linda had warm chocolate mouse and I had peach melba (or something like that). Linda had her first glass of red wine!


This is the lobby of the hotel. The ceiling looks like it was done by Chihuli

This indoor garden has an electric train running through it

This is the French pastry shop inside the hotel, JP’s. The first two shots are rivers of CHOCOLATE! (on the far right is a person to give you an idea of how big these rivers are)

These are my unsuccessful attempts to capture the water show. The water is choreographed to an Andrea Boccelli song and it absolutely breathtaking.


While I do love the entire Star Trek series, my sister is a TREKKIE and sprung for the whole experience. I must say that it was worth every penny. We were there from 11:15 am until 6:45pm (SIX HOURS) and did the museum, both rides (the Klingon and the Borg), the backstage tour, lunch in Quark’s Bar, shopping at Moogies, and the photo on the bridge. The highlight was the backstage tour!

Unfortunately, we were sworn to secrecy, so I can’t tell you what it’s about, nor were we allowed to take pictures, so all I have are a few shots of the museum and Quark’s. There are aliens wandering around in the bar, interacting with the patrons, and the Klingon was hilarious. He was the one pictured on their brochure.

This is the ceiling of the area where you wait to buy your tickets:

Klingon wedding costume worn by Jadzia Dax, a Trill, when she married Worf (Klingon):

These are the Duras Sisters:

Onion rings at Quark’s:

Really cool drinks (this is the SMALL ONE!) and the glass I bought:

Aliens in the bar:

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