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The Grand RE-Opening of Quark’s Qantina
March 12, 2011

Images from the party have now been uploaded!
PLEASE REFRESH OFTEN to pick up the latest version.

This is a private party.
We are not affiliated in any way with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures, the Star Trek franchise, or any other entity associated with the TV series or movies.
All Star Trek trademarks, logos, names and images belong to CBS Studios, Inc and are used here under fair-use guidelines.
Recipes and images from our parties may not be copied without written permission from me, Barbara Healy. Copyright © 2009 QuarksBarb.

As usual, costumes were REQUIRED!

The idea behind the party is that when Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas closed its doors (in September 2009) Quark entered into an arrangement with the Wookie Chalmun (of Chalmun’s Cantina in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatoine (of Star Wars fame)) to open a new establishment. It is called Quark’s Qantina and is located on the Healy Space Station.

This is a private party.
We are not affiliated in any way with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures, the Star Trek franchise, or any other entity associated with the TV series or movies.
All Star Trek trademarks, logos, names and images belong to CBS Studios, Inc and are used here under fair-use guidelines.
Recipes and images from our parties may not be copied without written permission from me, Barbara Healy. Copyright © 2009 QuarksBarb.

Our goal as proprietors is to create a science-fiction themed gathering place where creatures from ALL galaxies, star systems, planets, and fantasies can imagine, for one night, that they are in a bar on a far-away space station. As such we do not feel bound to recreate exactly what was seen on screen. Rather, we incorporate, as much as possible, the props ( found objects ), lingo, and relationships as is practical given the limitations of our budget and 21th-century home.

The Qantina opened for the first time in February of 2009 and was such a success it will now be a yearly event! This year, re-opening day was Saturday, March 12, 2011. We expected 32 guests and 31 showed up!

Press here to see pictures from 2010.
Press here to see pictures from 2009.

The photo below epitomizes the party for me

This year, the weather was perfect. It had rained during the week before but on the night of the party the skies were clear. It was cold, in the low 40’s, but that meant we could use the outside as peripheral refrigerator space which we need to do given the size of the party.


The welcome sign was created using the original Quark’s graphic but in ‘our’ colors.

This door sign, the interior signs, and all the graphics in our new Klingon Mess Hall were created by
John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
aka Unkle Kahn of The Empire,
a VERY talented professional graphic artist
who is also a Vice Chancellor of The Empire, and Line Lord of House Klag.

The CALM before the CARNAGE!
The entire ground floor was illuminated with hundreds of small colored lights.
This year we had almost twice as many lights as last year!

Some of the shots are a bit blurry because
the only way to capture the ‘feel’ of the lighting is to turn off the flash.
Most of these pictures were taken when there were no guests present.

With Odo and Darth Vader providing security, and Kira, R2D2 and C3PO looking on:

past the garment lockers on the left,
where our guests could spend time in the company of Jordi, Picard, and Soran:

Seven of Nine beckoning people in:

The source of the blue glow, seen above in the picture of the foyer, is this chevron which used to hang in Quark’s Bar at Star Trek The Experience. Our extremely creative construction department (KC) mounted it on a painted board with LED lights behind it.

He also refinished the cabinets to the right of the chevron, which used to be stark white, to match the Cardassian retail counter under the chevron, which also came from ST:TE:

This year’s prizes:

A life-size fully posable Salacious Crumb (a birthday gift from my sister and father-in-law):

The entrance to the Dabo Room, on the left:

with Quark, Sisko, and O’Brien adding to the ambiance:

With Kirk, Bones, Spock and Uhura checking out the offerings:

Under Worf’s watchful eye
In 2010, when there were several Klingons in attendance,
we recognized a need for that heavily-costumed race to have a place
to hang out that was not as warm as the rest of the Qantina’s rooms.
Over the past year, we converted a portion of our garage, which is not heated,
into a Klingon Mess Hall with a large table, 8 chairs from ST:TE, and a large cooler.
The cooler was originally a prop from ST:TE which we cut open and fitted to house a cooler.

This is the only shot I have of that room, the door into it.
The graphic on the door is the house flag for the House of Klag (next year, we will find a better way to hang the flag so that it does not wrinkle):

When our doors opened there were several self-serve stations,
where our guests could help themselves to snacks and beverages,
if they didn’t want to wait for the ‘formal’ service.

A Suliban swamp slug with lorvan crackers and quadrotriticale chips:
(the slug had not been gutted, because the entrails are delicious,
but none of our guests dug deep enough into its flesh to discover those tasty morsels.)

Bajoran Shrimp with Fettran and Yamok sauces
(cold shrimp with a classic red sauce and habanero-yuzu mayonnaise)
This is the only picture I have!

In the Klingon Mess Hall were a large board with 4 different cheeses and a selection of chips and crackers.
Unfortunately, I have NO pictures of the Klingon Mess Hall!

One of five beverage stations, this one featured Langour,
a Cardassian beverage served on Deep Space Nine.

Saurian Brandy:

At each station was a small card listing the episodes in which the beverage was featured
as well as other interesting facts about the beverage or the bottle.

Alco-null Tranya punch
surrounded by varmeliate fiber crisps,
with a bowl of felada onion pate on the left:

Antarean Brandy:

Irish Cream served in Scotty’s bent neck bottle:

Served on FOUND OBJECT tray also used in the film I Robot:

Takarian Mead, served in a TOS coffee carafe:

The focal point of the event is, of course, THE BAR!

Our kitchen cabinets were covered with silver lame
expertly custom made for us by our Number One, Starfleet officer Emilia.

Shelves in the window well held all the glasses.
On the island, shelving built by KC held the bottles.
KC, dressed as a three-breasted dabo girl, was the bartender!

This year we did not turn on the overhead lights.
Instead, we spot lit those things we had to see, like the glasses and bottles,
and added more colored lights behind the panels covering the cabinets.
We think it looked much better than last year!

Some of the shots are a bit blurry because
the only way to capture the ‘feel’ of the lighting is to turn off the flash.


As our beverage menu changes every year; so do the bottles and glasses.

All the names on our recipe cards are in alien text,
so each bottle has a label around its neck with the
alien name, written in English, and the terran translation.
For instance: Langour (Alize Rose Passion).

Each drink is served in a glass selected to compliment it.
Many of our glasses are vintage and/or found items.
(Yes, we serve over 50 different cocktails!)
(The first picture was taken without a flash, the second with a flash.)

The juices were served from the current version of a FOUND OBJECT a thermos made by Stelton.

On the top shelf, some of some of our CANON FOUND OBJECT bottles.
Many of these bottles were made by the well known customizer, Terry Jewell.

Scorpion suckers, garnish for one of our Ferengi cocktails:

The BARTENDER, our three-breasted Dabo Girl, Mithril
(Mithril is a valuable silver from Middle Earth, and our Dabo Girl is both valuable and silvery):

The photos below were taken by our guests.
As you can see, almost every guest has a camera in their hands!
If you were a guest, and have photos we can use, please forward them to us!


A Jawa ordering a drink:

Our bartender, mixing that drink:

Some of our guests, checking out the recipe cards:

Scotty, about to enjoy an Archer’s Comet

The Dabo Room

The Foyer

Ten Forward


Each drink was served in a unique glass
many of which were either FOUND OBJECTS
or very similar to those used on the show.
MOST of the mixed drinks were available in an ALCO_NULL version.

Archer’s Comet:

Andorian Iceberg:

Android Nutrient:

Bajoran Firecave Margarita:

Battlestar Blaster:

Trixian Bubble Juice:

Cardassian Sunset:

Cylon Cocktail:


Ferengi Scorpion:

Ferengi Stardrifter:

Hometree Banshee:

Klingon bloodwine martini:

Languor Fizz:

Mirror Kanar and Kamoy:

Orion Pheremone Booster:

Ponfar Potion:

Red Torian:

Tamarin Frost:


Rocket Fuel served with chuch (dry ice).
Any drink we served with chuch required a special straw
with a mesh end which prevented the ice from being ingested:

each mixed drink was printed on its own card,
with both the alcoholic and alco-null recipes,
and a picture of the glass to be used:


We did not have time to print menus this year and for that we apologize to our guests; we know it made it hard to determine what to consume, especially in the beverage department. We promise that will never happen again. In fact, we are preparing the menus for next year right now!
Press here to see the menus we printed in 2010.


Our goal is to duplicate the appearance of the comestibles on the show – which were not meant to be enjoyed and could be created from unappetizing ingredients like real worms, Karo syrup, and Jello – with things that taste good to humans. The names of the dishes also had to jibe with the canon descriptions. For instance, we couldn’t call lemon-habanero mayonnaise “Cherel Sauce” because that is normally served with fruit; and the Osol Twist had to be lemon-based, not chocolate, because it is described as “very tart”.

Our menu changed slightly this year:

We eliminated the pipius claw gumbo and added a Cardassian fish pie
We eliminated the tube grub salad and introduced a vegan Pandoran specialty, puffer fungus
We changed the recipe for gagh to be vegetarian (our ‘worms’ are neither animal nor live).
For the self-service food stations we added a vegan ailis pate, felada onion dip, and the suliban swamp slug.
We were unable to serve two dishes we had planned, the Hasperat and the Orsic fern salad (supply issues).
At the last minute, we eliminated three other self-service items because we had way too much food!

I will NOT be posting the recipes online but I am willing to email them to anyone who asks.

The Owon Eggs were provided by Keiko
The Ygrish Cream Pie was provided by the Jawa
The pirogies were prepared by our Number One, Em.
The tera nut souffle cake was prepared by our Number One, Em.
The Wentlian Condor Snake was prepared by our Number One, Em.
The Orion A-cup Cakes were prepared by my sister, Starfleet Officer Linda.
Everything else was made or procured by me, a’Noi N’gurl, aka Quark’s Barb.

From left to right:
Hanonian eel egg salad (emu egg salad)
an intact Hanonian eel egg (ostrich egg)
Pickled Regova Eggs with targ bacon flavoring
(pickles quail eggs tinted blue with bacon flavoring)
Owon eggs with grapok sauce (1000-year old eggs)

Owon Eggs with Grapok Sauce
(preserved duck eggs with sesame-soy sauce)

Palmarian tartok and leola root salad w/humat pod dressing
served with Aunt Adah’s giant corn and tomatoes,
and two kinds of bread, glem and mapa
(arugula salad with fennel-caper dressing, giant corn, tomatoes, challah, and como bread).

Pandoran Puffer Fungus with Terra Nuts and Black Garlic
(shiitake mushrooms with baby pecans, red peppers, and black garlic)

Klingon Gagh
served in FOUND OBJECT bowl in which it was served on the series
(radiccio noodles with seasoned butter skimmed from Bajoran ratamba casserole)

Bajoran albino ratamba casserole, Risan beans, and rattlefish nipples
(veal meatballs in a mushroom and cognac cream sauce,
tarbais beans with olive oil and garlic, and black risotto)

Risan Beans and rattlefish nipples, and Cardassian fish pie
(tarbais beans with olive oil and garlic, black risotto, and escolar fish pie)

Klingon Throat Stew
(coddled pork shoulder)
served in FOUND OBJECT from Neelix’s kitchen on Voyager
I have no pictures of this! Shown below is a screen cap of the serving vessel

Wentlian Condor Snake
(Chinese long beans in aleppo pepper and tomato sauce)

Stuffed Calbreean Lungs
served in screen-used platter from ENT
(mushroom-sauerkraut pierogi)

Desserts from left to right:
dragon fruit (and you thought they were only display!)
Ygrish Cream Pie (cheesecake with strawberry sauce)
sugar-free Delavian Chocolates (Amber Lyn Chocolates)

Desserts from left to right:
sugar-free Delavian Chocolates (Amber Lyn Chocolates)
Andorian fruit (sorbet shaped into fruit and then glazed)
Orion a-cup cakes(white cupcakes with green frosting)

Desserts from left to right:
Orion a-cup cakes(white cupcakes with green frosting)
Tera nut soufflé cake (gluten free walnut cake with ganache filling and buttercream frosting)
Delavian Chocolates (Christopher Elbow caramels)
Terran chocolate covered pretzles

Terran Tartlettes:
Chocolate, Caramel, Raspberry, and Turtle

After the food was served, we opened the GAMING ROOMS

Our FUNCTIONING TONGO WHEEL was introduced this year, 2011.
Our FUNCTIONING DABO TABLE was introduced in 2010.

Both were built from scratch specifically for this event by our three-breasted Dabo girl (KC).
QuarksBarB is very lucky to have such a supportive, creative and talented “construction department”.

NEW in 2011: our TONGO WHEEL!!

Our FUNCTIONING TONGO WHEEL was introduced this year, 2011.

The Tongo Wheel was built by our construction department and, as with our Dabo Table, I was blown away by the end result! There is a manually operated switch that controls the multicolored lights. The center spins. And the ‘landing’ point is determined by a red light! We put it on the table in the bar area, under a chandelier with coordinating blue and green bulbs:

Our Tongo cards were designed by John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio to resemble the on-screen cards but with custom colors on the faces, and a numbering system devised by us to work with the game rules we created.

There are six suits, differentiated by a different color around the perimeter of the card. Within each suit there are six numbers represented by the red bars on the bottom edge. We also had dice made with red pips to match the numbering system on the cards:

The rules for the game were devised by KC and refined by Kevin, our former neighbor.
Unlike the onscreen game, ours is designed to be easy to learn and easy to play.

In this shot you can see the red light illuminating the ‘landing spot’:

The highly-competent table operator, Starfleet officer Linda:


Apparently, this game was too slow moving for such a short party, so we will be changing the rules for next year.


Our FUNCTIONING DABO TABLE was introduced in 2010.

The Dabo Table survived last year’s event and was put to work again this year unmodified:
Press here for pictures of Dabo from 2010.

The cards were custom made for us with our logo on the back and custom colors on the faces:

The latinum was made by scanning in some ‘real’ latinum and printing it on business card stock.
This year, Number One created multiple colors of latinum, each one representing a different denomination.

Each guest who wanted to play was given 175 pieces of latinum with which to start.

The highly-competent Vulcan Dabo table operator:



QuarksBarb would like to thank all our guests
for the time, money and effort put into their costumes.
If they weren’t willing to participate in that manner,
the party would not be nearly as interesting.

This year, we don’t have photos of all our guests.
If you have photos of the missing guests, please send them to me!

Klingon a’Noi N’gurl (Starfleet Ensign, Crew Services Officer assigned to the USS Black Hawk )
and her shape-shifter husband who, again this year, morphed into a 3-breasted Dabo Girl.

KC made his costume, sewing the breasts on and hand-painting it:

The KP crew, my sister’s kids:

Our Vulcan Dabo Table operator:

We tried to do a group shot, but there were too many to get everyone in one frame.
Here are the best shots of all our guests, assembled on the staircase in the foyer.
Of course, the people taking the pictures aren’t in them!

Our “Number One”, the UnBorg un-borged, and Admiral Forrest:

Keiko and O’Brien

A Navi
…contemplating the weird things those sky people eat….

A Clone Warrior testing his light saber while a Vulcan Priestess looks on:

q'IDar ro'bergh zantai-Qoltar
q’IDar, a master seamstress , made her costume, Guinan’s, AND MINE!
This time, she came as a Vulcan priestess!


Three StarTrek First Contact Starfleet officers from StarTrek Invisionzone ,:

An UnBorg:

Two Starfleet officers, one from ST IX, the other from StarTrek First Contact:

Tasting kanar while Scotty and the clone warrior offer encouragement:

Two Pyramid players from BSG and Jayne Cobb from Firefly/Serenity

Two TNG officers and an officer from VOY

Jane Jetson
and, in the second photo, Jane with her mate, a Starfleet officer

A Jawa and her mate, Scotty:

The Queen of Uranus and her mate, a Starfleet officer;
and, in the second photo, with Jane Jetson’s mate, a Starfleet officer

At 21:00:00 hours we gave out the prizes.
This was later then we had intended but we lost track of time!

This year’s prizes:

The costume prizes were awarded first.
The most valuable prizes, the bottles, were only offered to those people who won a costume prize.

We were SUPPOSED to ask our guests to vote on the costumes and give out prizes for
1) best overall
2) most creative, and
3) most screen accurate.

But…we didn’t have time to print voting cards;
so, Em and I had a pow-wow right before the “awards ceremony” and reached an agreement:

First prize went to the UnBorg.
Second prize to the Navi-Clone Warrior couple.
Third prize went to the Jawa.
Honorable mentions were awarded to Jane Jetson, the Vulcan Priestess, and Guinan.

Had we stuck to our original plan of awarding prizes in 3 different categories,
this is how they would have been awarded:

1) BEST OVERALL: the Navi, followed by the Jawa, and the Vulcan Priestess
I have a particular fondess for the Navi and was hoping one would attend the event.

2) MOST CREATIVE: the UnBorg, followed by the Navi and the Jawa
Imagine..a Borg created out of a plastic bottle, flashlights, and some tubing….

3)MOST SCREEN ACCURATE: the Jawa, followed by the Navi, Guinan, the Clone, and Jane Jetson
What made the Jawa SO believable was that her mannerisms were in character the entire night

In other words, the Navi, UnBorg and Jawa were all ‘first’ in their own way.

Next year, we will offer a prize to the guest who does the most with the least which, this year, would have gone to Scotty.
Next year, we will offer a prize for the most screen accurate Star Fleet Officer. They get short shrift in favor of the more exotic costumes, which isn’t fair.
Next year, we will ask all guests who think they qualify for the ‘most accurate’ costume to bring documentation because, I must admit, I was not familiar with some of the characters portrayed.

After awarding the costume prizes, we gave out prizes to the four people with the most latinum.
Guests could acquire latinum by being the first to order an unusual beverage.
Guests could win latinum playing Tongo.
Guests could win latinum playing Dabo.

Shown below are all of our prize winners:

sign on the inside of the front door!

Once again, the door signs were created by
John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
aka Unkle Kahn of The Empire,
a VERY talented professional graphic artist

One Last Look

KUDOS to all the people who helped us:

Our Number One, EM

We could not have this party without the help of my BFF Em, our NUMBER ONE! Once again, she loaned me her printer, which does a much better job than mine with the colors I need; she hung the silver panels and covered the island in the kitchen; she created the new colors and then printed our latinum; she made and laminated all the cocktail recipe cards and cooked the wentlian condor snake and the peirogi. She is not only the best friend I’ve ever had but the best friend anyone could ever wish for and we could not have had this party without her help. She is truly a NUMBER ONE!

Honorable Mention: Em’s husband, who drove Em to our house repeatedly, so that she could stay after dark, and who picked up the pizza (which we didn’t serve but which came in handy anyway).

Our former neighbor, KEVIN

As the only person who knew how to operate the Dabo table, we really needed Kevin’s help again this year! In spite of pressing deadlines at work, he agreed to fly out here for the weekend, and helped us every minute he was able to. We REALLY appreciate the sacrifice he made, and all the other non-Dabo-related things he did for us: making countless trips up and down the stairs to get non-Quark’s stuff out of the kitchen, helping KC hang all the posters and lights in the Klingon Mess Hall, deboxing all the Trivia games and loading the cards into the Tongo wheel, helping KC refine the Tongo rules; and, of course, documenting the rules and odds for both Dabo and Tongo. A great party guest, Kevin would have been a valuable addition to the party even without his Dabo expertise and we are glad he was able to make it.

John Harrington, our graphic artist

John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio, whom I met through The Empire , a Klingon forum I joined last year looking for help with my costume, provided invaluable assistance with many of the graphics.

He designed our tongo cards and dice, he designed and created all the room and door signs and ALL the graphic for the Klingon Mess Hall. He also made stoppers for some of the bottles (which, unfortunately, did not arrive in time). He would have created the menus, rule cards, and costume voting cards if I had been able to provide the information early enough. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to complete any of those things this year.

Thank you John. You made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how things looked this year!

Thank you, MARLA, for taking pictures with the worst camera and lenses you can imagine!

Thank you, MIKE and EVA, our new neighbors, for taking photos of everything Marla missed!

Thank you LINDA, for providing our KP crew (her kids) and a third pair of hands. Linda also helped with many other things – cutting the quail eggs in half, mixing the emu egg salad, and running our Tongo table.

Thank you Ari and Dani, for washing all those glasses!

My Husband, KC

It might seem weird that I am mentioning my husband here but this event is really my obsession not his. I’m the one who conceived the idea, collected all the things we needed and did the research necessary to ‘pull it off’. I hoped he would help but would have done it without him if I had to.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to! He came up with some of the best parts of the event – the lights, the shelving in the kitchen, and the Dabo Table and Tongo Wheel -- and took care of those aspects with almost no input from me. Every one of the things he did adds IMMEASURABLY to the ambience and effectiveness of the party. Many of our guests said they didn’t think we could top last year’s party but KC’s contributions managed to do just that!

I also have to mention his sense of humor. Even Em mentioned how much fun he is to work with, keeping the atmosphere light even when everyone is stressed.

I am truly the luckiest woman in the world….

Oh, I also need to mention the members of Alex Peter’s forum, StarTrek Invisionzone , who have helped me since day one in my quest for found objects and sold me many of my screen-used ones. The only reason we have the Cardassian retail counter and the aluminum chevron on the wall behind it is because of Alec Peter’s willingness to manage the sale and shipping out of state. Thank you – you guys are wonderful!

Press here to see pictures from 2010.
Press here to see pictures from 2009.
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