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to all of you who have taken the time to write to me.
i truly do appreciate it!

From CH in HongKong:
Barb, you are really a wonderful and talented person. Your work is totally different from other doll makeovers. I am not good at using English to express what I want to say. I just love all your dolls from head to toe, the hair, makeup, accessories, costume. How delicate they are! And one important thing is that you can create the dolls in many various styles. I think itís not easy for people who are doing in design fields. If a designer loves elegant style, it will be difficult for her/him to do punk style, right? So I really really admire your work a lot.

From JM in Iowa:
Oh!!!!!! She's Beautiful!!!! Gorgeous!!!! I can't say enough! My granddaughters are already fighting over her--don't get her till I die!!! But I do love her. Now I'm anxious for you to do my fairy!!! You do wonderful work. No wonder you took first place and peoples choice awards. Thank you so very much. AGAIN BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

From NB:
[Krewe Kween Ken is] a doll I consider "perfection"....it is by FAR the cleverest, best executed, OOAK "Twist" I've EVER seen. KUDOS!

From DA in Colorado:
I FINALLY was able to unpack and display Helene, and all I can say is WOW. I was stunned all over again. Amazing. I love her. She is one of the centerpieces of my collection. Can you have more than one? lol None of my other dolls look good around her. Get busy and make me a groom, would you!

From CD in France:
I was really happy to discover your site. It's a really beautiful one! I've seen that you're a new artist because there aren't a lot of dolls on your site! But they're GREAT! Really!!! You're amazing! I especially like the Medieval costumes and your doll is fabulous...

From DB:
CONGRATS !! ON THAT BEAUTIFUL SPREAD IN THE BARBIE BOOK !! great job ! Especially Gypsies I love yours... they are some of the best I've seen.

From DR:
[The Band of Gypsies] ... the repaints are exactly what they need to be, exactly suited to the doll and the look you were trying to create. Very believable, very realistic, the detail on their costumes is AMAZING. Bravo, bravo!!!

From SK in NYC:
I wanted to say that your work is breathtaking, bar none. The skill, accuracy of scale and sheer tastefulness makes them of the quality to be handed down as heirloom dolls, the way fashion dolls of the past were. So, thanks, keep it up, and best of luck!

From NB:
Just to let you know: generally fairies are not my thing. That's because I have little space and those wings take up a lot of space. (a few weeks later...) [Brielle is] ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, BARB. YOU HAVE MADE AN UNBELIEVABLE CREATION. She is absolutely awesome. I want her; I wish I were a little richer.....

From KE:
I stopped by your table in Chicago and was absolutely blown away by the quality and detail of your medieval lady and gypsy. My friend is the lucky new owner of your gorgeous bride and I am so envious!

From EC:
All of your dolls are so different that it is almost impossible to tell that they all have the same creator. That is an amazing thing. I have never seen another artist that is able to accomplish that.

From T:
All of the dolls on this page are fabulous! Oh my goodness just beyond belief! Breathtaking and extremely professional! Good luck with them all! They are truly fabulous! Great work!

From DA in Colorado:
I wanted to lyk that I opened the box, and it looks like there was little or no shifting or damage of any kind. Your packing was fantastic... I've bought many ooak dolls and I have NEVER seen such detail and care taken with the box and the packing of the doll and items. You are to be commended. I can tell how much of yourself went into this doll by how lovingly you packed her. ... Thank you again very much. Keep up the awesome work! Your dolls are incredible. You have a rare talent.

From NG in Illinois:
You are very talented and will go a long way in the Barbie world. I'm very happy to have a doll of yours!! Your detail on the flapper is incredible.

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