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1920s Flapper #2: "Stormy"

They all think I’m jealous! Now, I’m not talking about you, I know you’re hip to the jive, baby and much too cool to be that way. Ab-so-lute-ly! But there are some poor little bunnies who think I’m jealous of my cousin. You know? India Blue? Jealous just because she won the first place ribbon in the Flapper category in addition to the Judge’s Choice award at the 2004 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention in Chicago.

Not me! I love my cousin, India. Every time we get together we laugh about those Dicks and Janes who think this jealousy exists, because we both understand the distinction between better... and different. It’s not my fault I was just born too late to enter the competition. Would I have gotten a ribbon too? Who knows? And who cares? Because we’re all part of the same family and when one of us wins, we all win.

The most important thing India and I both know is that, if not for Barb, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Not only does she redo our makeup with artist quality acrylics and sealers (my eyes are now blue with periwinkle shadow and midnight liner and lashes) and our hair (mine was washed and trimmed for this occasion), she reshapes our arms and even our fingers to emphasize the fact that we’re flappers! And that’s important because being a flapper isn’t just about dress, it’s about attitude. Do you think I have enough attitude?

But, getting back to dressing, Barb is ab-so-lute-ly the handiest person to have around to facilitate getting dressed. And look what her facilitation did for me today.

My dress is a periwinkle silk charmeuse. Level with me now, don't you just love the sound of that word, periwinkle? It's such a nifty sound that just rolls off your tongue, just as the color is such a nifty color that just rolls off your eyes! I can't remove this dress, by the way, so poor old me will have to wear it forever!

Anyway, the periwinkle under-dress has genuine New Zealand abalone shell fringe! Don’t you just pos-i-tive-ly love the way the fringe flares out giving the appearance of motion? And then, as you can plainly see, the periwinkle overdress has peacock colored cut glass beads and silver plated glass beads in a columnar design and (I love this) rhodium plated glass bead loops hanging at the bottom of the beaded scalloped edge.

I could stop right there and everyone would say “Wow, that outfit is the cat's whiskers.” But I won’t. Because we haven’t even touched on the little details that make this really “nice” dress into a dress good enough for me to wear. Did you see the scalloped edge on the bottom of the overdress? Sure you did, it’s prominent enough, but look harder. The scallops are accented with tiny feathers whose centers match the beads on the dress.

And speaking of matching in the details, look at my headband. You’re right! It has similar beading, feathers, and, there it is, an abalone “gewgaw” or “whatchamacallit” on the side! The band itself is made of silk woven with real silver threads which pick up the silver beads in my dress. My headband IS removable but why would I ever want to take it off? Did you notice that there is also a rhodium bead bow at the neckline and another one at the bottom of the center back?

I’m ready to take this dress out in public, without even accessorizing. Okay, I’m just kidding. Why would I do that when I have this spectacular rhodium plated glass “pearl” “SAUTIOR” to add to it?

(Sorry for this but Barb won’t finish dressing me unless I explain that a “SAUTIOR” is a long chain – or string of pearls - that is enormously popular here in the 1920’s. Mine, however, is unique: It consists of a three-string choker with a cut glass medallion ‘clasp’ and two three-strand bracelets, also with cut glass medallion ‘clasps’, which are connected to the choker with two long strands of beads. Because it’s rhodium, that doesn’t tarnish, it won’t turn my skin green which is a good thing because I couldn't remove it even if I wanted to. Okay Barb, can I get back to where I was before you interrupted?)

Well, here I am, all dolled up, ready to get a wiggle on, and hit the swanky clubs. Now that Barb has relented and put my shoes on. Oh, of course not silly!!! There’s nothing ordinary about these shoes. You don’t see “ordinary” shoes in silver, with faceted glass medallion ‘buckles’ and rhodium plated glass bead straps, now do you?

Well, see you! Hat, dress, shoes, and accessories on, the clubs are going to be hit by a periwinkle storm tonight. And there are going to be just as many guys lined up to dance with me as there are for India Blue!

I can be yours for $320 which includes insured shipping via UPS within the 48 contiguous United States. Please press here to send Barb an email with questions or to purchase me.
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