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1920s Flapper #1: "India Blue"
First Place and Judge's Choice
2004 Barbie Nat'l Convention competition, Flapper Category

My mother was a Winter in Montreal Barbie, and I guess, so was I. Except that my hair has been cut to resemble the style made famous by Louise Brooks. And that’s okay by me because she’s the bee’s knees. She’s a Flapper, and so am I!

My makeup was redone with artist-quality acrylic paints and sealed for protection, and my arms and wrists have been ‘reshaped’ to make me look like I’m dancing. That’s jake too, because that’s what I do!

I’m ready to hit the juice joints and I’ve got my glad rags on. My dress is a mint green silk charmeuse that comes to an inverted “V” in the front and dips down to a deep “V” in the back. It’s edged with a long peacock feather fringe accented with minuscule Swarovski crystals.

You can bet the bell bottom boys are going to love my light aqua green silk chiffon overdress edged with tiny feathers and ‘embroidered’ with glass beads and Swarovski crystals. The pattern was designed to resemble peacock eye feathers and the back is embroidered as well as the front. The shoulders of the overdress are edged with 5/8” peacock feathers and copper glass beads.

My headband is simply the berries! It has a “bronze” triangular motif in the front with Swarovski crystals and a peacock feather.

Necklace, bracelets and ring? Genuine gold plated sterling and Swarovski crystals!

And the shoes couldn’t be more darb! The toes are ‘gold’ peacocks studded with tiny Swarovsky crystals.

Now that you know all that, well, "You're on the trolley!"

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