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  Gypsy #3: "Tsigana Neoma"

Hi everyone, I am the one and only Ė Neoma (it means New Moon). Thatís my name, and my contribution to the band are Finger Cymbals. Thatís Finger Cymbals, people Ė made of metal, not Castinets which are made of wood.

Okay, hereís the deal. Barb says describe yourself. Okay, try this. Throw out that definition of a Gypsy that Zoya just gave you, and use this one:

Gypsy = Beautiful, Mysterious, and Free.

Now look, Iíll admit up front that there are similarities between me and my sister band member, the Violinist, Zoya. And I have to admit that she is a beautiful girl, but itís obvious isnít it? Her beauty was just a jumping off point for me. *Barb calls them differences, everyone else calls them improvements (sorry Zoya, but you know itís true!!)

*Barbís note: Yes, there are differences. All my Gypsys are attractive in their own way. But the most important difference here is that Zoya is too nice to say things like this and Neoma and Tira ... well, are Neoma and Tira, and nothing surprises me too much, whatever they say.

Okay, Barbís precious little Zoya is off limits here. But canít we at least agree how much prettier I am than Tira, our ďBellsĒ player? After all, I was featured in the BBM article and I have been "improved". Yes, itís possible to improve on perfection, and Iím the living proof.

You know that I also started out in life as a sweet Kira, but Iíve been repainted so my devilish look more perfectly matches my personality. My body is a bellybutton-style Barbie and my costume is not removable.
My vest is made from very soft thin black genuine leather, cut so that a single piece wraps around my body and shoulders ("so what?" you say? YOU try making a pattern for that!). It is laced up with a hand-braided silk cord in red, green, black and silver, and trimmed with silver around every edge

Under the vest, I'm wearing a thin white tube top with a silver drawstring at the neckline.

Around my waist I'm wearing a long belt with a working sterling silver buckle and keep. It's so long, I had to wrap it around twice (well, my hips ARE nice and slender). Can you tell that it's beaded along it's entire length with peridot, onyx, and ruby glass beads? Hanging from the belt is my change purse - small, functional, genuine leather, beaded to match the belt, and edged in silver cord to match my vest.

My low-slung skirt is made from a straight piece of a rare black and silver French lace which Barb pieced together into a trumpet shape - imagine how hard that was to do, matching the pattern so the seams weren't obvious. In addition, the skirt is constructed so that the edges flare out on all sides, which I just LOVE!.

Under my skirt (No, you may not look!!! You just wait until I do one of my twirls during the dance) is a slip made of a metallic silver mesh with a ruffled edge. The bottom edge of the ruffle is finished with a thin black ribbon. The metallic mesh of the slip peeks through the holes in the lace making the whole skirt sparkle!

It's pretty risque, actually, as you can see my legs peeking through too. Oh well, no one ever said I was modest!

Now, lets talk accessories. Around my neck, is a black silk band with 'silver' embroidery and a hand-beaded fringe, and two necklaces. One is made of peridot, ruby, and onyx glass beads; and the other is made of sterling and marcasite medallions interspersed with onyx glass and rhodium plated beads. The sterling necklace is removable, the others are not.

In my navel (yes, you may look) Iím wearing a genuine Swarovski 'ruby'.

My boots were handmade by Barb of genuine leather! They have a leather sole and heel, a toecap, and a tongue that extends beyond the tops of the boots. They lace up with black and silver cord. Although they could be removed, you'll have to fight me to get to them!

As I said earlier, my head was a raven Kira. But Barb repainted it to give me a piercing stare, consistent with the icy tone of my outfit. My new green eyes and dark red lips more perfectly match what all the men - whose hearts I've melted - remember about me.

My long, long hair was permed into gentle waves to preserve its length, and around my head I've tied a dark silver and black mesh kerchief. This is held in place with 3 different cords - one which matches the cord lacing up my vest, a thin silver one, and a black and silver twisted one.

My earrings? Large stainless hoops adorned with a selection of 'silver' baubles.

My hands have been shaped in the classic finger-cymbal pose with fingers pointed inwards. Well, obviously! And on the thumb and index finger of each hand Iím holding the 'silver' finger cymbals Iím renowned for playing. On each arm I've several bangles, some of which are sterling. My arms have been reshaped so that I can hold several different 'classic' poses.

In case you havenít guessed, Iím the member of the band trusted to keep the dayís coins safely tucked away. By the way Ė you do owe me some coins Ė you looked when I twirled, and you checked out my navel too, didnít you?

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