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  Gypsy #2: "Tsigana Zoya"

Here we go again. Barb knows how I feel about describing myself. Honestly, I would just as soon say “just look at my pictures, listen to my music, and make up your own mind”, but that would hurt Barb’s feelings, you know? She worked so hard on my clothes and my “look.”

Besides, no matter what I think, none of us have ever figured out a way to stop the person who’s writing these words for us.

The truth is we would all rather be making music – but, for all Barb’s hopes for us, I’ll describe what I’m sure your eyes can already see.

I’m Zora (that means “Life”) by the way. I’m the Violinist of this band. I’m very happy to meet you.

Maybe you remember me as one of the dolls featured in a BBM article. I’ve changed just a little from the time of that article with freshened up make-up, and removal of the long slip and belt I was wearing at the time.
In the pictures you can see that I’m wearing a tight top made from a rare French lace. It is trimmed in white braid and laces up the back with hand-braided cord. It has three-quarter length sleeves that are puffed at the shoulders, gathered at the elbows with a red ribbon, and edged in black and silver braid.

Around my waist is tied a red satin scarf, hand embroidered with silk and glass beads in a pattern developed specifically for me. Only ME – no one else!! Isn’t Barb wonderful about things like that? She makes me feel so special!

The scarf is edged in green braid and has a black silk fringe. It "ties" on the left side and is held in place with a glass flower.

On a silver cord slung cross-wise I'm carrying a small functional genuine leather change purse with a hand beaded tassel on the flap.

My overskirt is made from a thin stretch fabric with a ruffle of the same rare French lace Barb used for my top. Where the ruffle meets the skirt are two rows of ribbon - a red one and a wider version of the silver and black one on the edge of her sleeves. The narrow black and silver ribbon also edges the bottom of the skirt's ruffle.

The underskirt is made of a the same thin stretch fabric but has a metallic silver mesh ruffle edged in black ribbon. Both the skirt and the slip are made in such a way that they stand out in graceful curves giving the impression of movement.

Moving on to the subject of accessories, I have two simple necklaces - a ruby and silver glass bead rope, and a 'silver' hoop strung with peridot and onyx glass beads and a 'silver' pendant. It ties behind my neck with a black silk cord. I keep my necklaces simple so that they won't interfere with my violin!

My earrings, on the other hand, are long and elaborate, made from ruby glass beads and 'silver' corkscrews and drops.

My head is a raven Kira. I was Barb's very first repaint (after the "scary face" that gave her the confidence to try again)! She gave me a sweet expression (to match my disposition) with upwards glancing eyes, like a violinist might have.

My long hair has been gently curled (Barb's first boil perm as well!).

Around my head is a hand-beaded genuine leather headband and an ornate 'silver' medallion. The design of the headband is based on one that came with a dress Barb inherited from her great-grandmother who - Barb was told - was a Hungarian gypsy!
This band is held in place with the same ribbon used to edge my sleeves and skirt. The long tails of this ribbon are what you see hanging behind me in many of the pictures.


My fiddle is a non-working, real wood, scale model of a violin. It has a black 'leather' case, lined in red 'velvet', which I normally leave on the floor in front of me. You can see all my earnings for the day: three different sizes of coins, some of which are sterling! Please feel free to add to this total. Even we shy Gypsy’s need to earn a living.

Can you see my shoes, there, next to the case? I rarely wear them, even though they are embellished with genuine Swarovski 'rubies' and 'peridot'.

Thank you for 'listening' to my description, by the way. Hopefully, I'll see you around soon. Will you be stopping by the camp tonight to hear us play? The picture below is of me and my sweetie - isn't he gorgeous? Sorry, he isn't for sale! But he will be, once Barb is through with him.

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