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  Erté Inspired Bride #1: "R. T. Hélène"
Third Place and Chairman's Choice
2004 Barbie Nat'l Convention competition, Bride Category

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Pretty in Plaid Barbie®, to …..

Hi there, hardly recognized me did you? That’s because I’ve been made over for this event. For instance, my hair has been cut and restyled into a low curled ponytail, and my facial features were repainted using artist quality acrylic paints and then sealed for protection. Look at my arms! I had them reshaped to enable me to hold my gorgeous bouquet.

Did you notice my engagement ring? Well of course it’s real! Real Swarovski, that is. And, as you can see, I’m wearing it on my right hand until after the ceremony when it will be transferred to my left, to guard my wedding ring.

Why, thank you! I feel beautiful, too. And how could I not, in this beautiful dress. Where did I get it? I had it custom made, of a limited edition designer fabric in light coral that was pleated between two sheets of paper (isn’t that interesting?) so that it looks like those really expensive Fortuny silks. And the design – I designed it myself by the way - is classically elegant, very Grecian and very simple. The edges of the dress are finished with a tiny gold cord, exactly the same color as the gold on my veil, and the hem edge is pleated to continue the effect of the pleats in the gown.  

My veil, on the other hand, is not simple at all! It’s two layers of 3 momme silk gauze. Not Mommy, silly…3 momme – it’s pronounced mummy – and it’s only the thinnest fabric available, weighing less than half an ounce per square yard. Can you believe it? And the gauze, oh my, just look at it! It’s only available in white, but it has been dyed to match my dress and then edged with thousands of minuscule gold glass beads. It is attached to an oval headpiece made of dyed-to-match silk charmeuse studded with more of those gold glass beads and wired so that I can shape it to conform to my head. The points of both veils are tied in knots and the back of the longer veil folds over on itself in a huge graceful pleat which is so Erté! You like that? So do I.

But wait! I’m not finished! The front-most point of the shorter of the two veils is split in two, the two pieces are separated and hang on either side of my face, framing it in gold beads, and are then passed under my arms from front to back where they are threaded through a loop in the dress, and then brought around to the front again where they are tied in a loose knot around my hips. Did you understand that? Maybe I should repeat it? No? Good, then I’ll go on….  

Because my veil is so elaborate, I didn’t want to over-accessorize, so I chose the simplest jewelry I could find – diamonds and pearls. My necklace is made of genuine 2mm pearls dyed to match the fabrics and, if you can believe it, there are ‘knots’ between each one! Have you ever heard of anything so decadent? It has a tiny ‘chain’ hanging down my back with a pearl on the end of it. It’s my Grandmother’s, by the way, it’s “something old” and “something borrowed”. My earrings, they’re “something new” - Swarovski ‘diamond’ studs – a gift from my fiancé!


You know, I’ve been standing here for the past 10 minutes describing my dress and you’ve been staring at my bouquet the entire time! I have to agree, though, it’s the pièce de résistance, isn’t it? It’s composed of 3 different flowers: artist made calla lilies in two shades of custom dyed pale peach silk charmeuse, tiny genuine coral tulips and roses on gossamer golden stems, and light green ‘buds’. The leaves are artist-made of pale mint silk charmeuse. The bouquet is tied with a pale sage silk satin ribbon. It fits into my hands perfectly, doesn’t it?

Oh, dear! You’ll have to pardon me. Look at the time! I have to leave – the wedding is about to begin….


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