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" SUBrina"


doll nudity, adult language and sexual content follow.

If this will offend you, exit this page now!

If you came to this page intentionally
you will need to scroll down to view the pictures.

Because this doll has a poser body,
she can hold a variety of different positions:

For more information on the SUBrina’s outfit,
press here for corset
press here for ball gag
press here for ballet boot
press here for bondage cuffs
press here for collar and leash
Since these are all links to Wikipedia, you can see where I did most of my research!


* doll is a Barbie friend Theresa doll with a poser ballerina body
* lips and nails were painted metallic purple
* "whip" marks on butt are burnt sienna paint
* hair was cut into a butch shag
* "ball gag" in her mouth
*’pierced’ eyebrow
* removable metallic purple leather collar with silver plated leash
* removable metallic purple leather wrist bands
* original ballet shoes were painted metallic purple. Silver spike heels and lavender rayon ribbon laces were added (there is a name for these but I can't remember it). These shoes are not removable.
* silver plated nipple rings
* removable metallic lavender leather corset laces up with black cord (no eyelets). The lacing on this corset is accurate - this is the way "real" corsets are laced

* the metallic silk ruffle under the bust is removable and can be used with the other corset as well for a more modest look.

Dolls will be sold separately but buyer of DOMinique will have right of first refusal on SUBrina so SUBrina will not be sold until DOMinique is sold.

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