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2005 IFDC July 27-30 at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas

I entered one doll in the competition, a 12-inch KEN DOLL,
in the category "Mardi Gras Queens bigger than 11.5 inches"

The doll won a First Place ribbon AND the People's Choice Award!

Mardi Gras Queen "Krewe Kween Ken"
aka "Eat your heart out Barbie!"

Yes, you read that right, THIS DOLL IS A KEN DOLL!

Like a true cross dresser, he was given removable breasts and a removable wig,
and his shoes and clothes were custom made to fit his ‘unique’ body.
His arms were reshaped to enable him to hold his mask,
and his feet were reshaped to enable him to wear heels.

Press here for more pictures of this doll.

My husband, K.C. Healy, who is the best husband any woman could have, agreed to dress as Krewe Kween Ken for the Mardi Gras Banquet on Friday night. KC's costume won the costume prize that night!

KC was very apprehensive at first - but as the evening wore on, and alcohol loosened him up a bit, he got more and more into the "role" and even started flaunting it! Fortunately, I have proof!

THE COSTUME HE WORE WAS MADE BY THE INCREDIBLY TALENTED EMILIA SOROKO! SHE MADE THE COSTUME BASED SOLELY ON THE DRAWING I HAD OF THE WAY THE DOLL WAS INTENDED TO LOOK AND SHE HAD NO PATTERN (the doll had not been completed yet)! Em also made the coordinating outfit that I wore, a black skirt with a ruffle on the bottom and pointed panels over it.
KC made his headpiece and our masks.
KC's face was painted by Bill Smith-Jones.
These costumes are also for sale!

The photographs below are very high resolution, and there are a lot of them,
so please be patient while they load.

K.C. Healy as Krewe Kween Ken

Side by side - the differences are due to changes I made at the last minute, after the costume was finished.

my costume

...yes, KC DID wear stockings and heels, just like the doll!

Bubbly Barb Jeffords of Barbie Bazaar Magazine

Bill Smith-Jones

Bill and Trish Forte

Bill's INCREDIBLE costume!

John Prewitt in another great costume

The peerless Jim Faraone!

Trish and KC in the bar after the banquet

2005 IFDC Salesroom

My sister, Linda Halley

My neices, Danielle (left) and Ariana (right)

2005 IFDC Moulin Rouge Banquet

Saturday night, the night of the final banquet, KC did NOT wear a costume, although I DID try and talk him into going as a can-can girl! I wore a red custom-made corset over a black bodysuit (you'll see why when you see the picture of the back of my outfit) and a very full black crinoline. Here are pictures of the Moulin Rouge Banquet:

KC and I (this is what KC really looks like!)

Bill (notice the HUGE rhinestone necklace he's wearing!) ...what a handsome man...

John Copeland (another stud) and sweet Karen Egles

Trish's INCREDIBLE costume (which won the costume prize that night!)

the very creative Virginia Obieus

Darlene Owens gorgeous costume!

Darlene, looking like she's going to punch me, but in reality was attempting to get her leg up on my shoulder!

Three other interesting costumes! (please let me know if you know who these people are!)

The adorable Anita Healy!

Anita and her charming husband, James

Trish and the beautiful doll whose costume was copied from Trish's own!

The back of my costume and, unfortunately, the end of our pictures! Because KC didn't arrive until late Thursday (we had sump-pump trouble), and he brought the camera, we have no pictures of either the Bugsy Segal reception or the Integrity Luncheon.

There is a seven page article on the convention in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue of Haute Doll Magazine which mentions this doll and KC's costume (on page 5).
Press here for article in Nov/Dec 2005 Haute Doll Magazine
Press here to subscribe to Haute Doll or to purchase a copy of the magazine.

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